Why did we start this company?
1. We want to impact the lives of millions of people through our direct actions
2. We want to build the kind of company that we would want to work for
3. We want to help organizations improve and refine the quality of care they provide


Our shared mission is to conquer cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death. We aim to achieve this mission by providing people the tools and guidance that empower them to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles.

We are clinicians, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs leveraging design, research and technology to improve access to quality cardiovascular care. We pride ourselves in becoming domain experts both in our individual disciplines and our common expertise as a company. Join us to build a company that makes a permanent impact in health care and whose legacy we are proud of.


Why should you join Moving Analytics?

• You will learn a lot very fast.
• You will be given ownership and will be expected to run with your opportunities and develop your mastery
• You will be put in uncomfortable, sometimes ambiguous situations which will force you to learn and grow.
• You will be working in amazing teams with members from diverse backgrounds and helping each other be the best versions of yourselves
• You will have the entire force of our organization rooting for your success.
• You will be helping to create and spread a life-altering service that will make a difference in lives to millions of individuals and their families
• You will be crafting the frontiers of healthcare

Mostly importantly we want you to have fun while we do this together!